Excited To Be Part Of 36 Under 36 For Oy! Chicago

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This summer, I’m really proud to announce I’ve bene selected to be part of Oy! Chicago’s 36 Under 36. Why 36? For Jews, the number 18 has a mystical meaning of life or “chai” in Hebrew. Multiples of 18 represent good fortune, so this award is appropriately named “The Double Chai in the Chi.”

This award is especially meaningful to me because it comes from the Jewish United Fund. When my family came to American in 1989 with basically nothing, Jewish organizations like the JUF helped us start our new life. It feels great to receive recognition and make the JUF proud of someone who appreciated their support.

Now, awards don’t really do much but make you feel cool and make your mom proud- but I’ll take it. 🙂

See my amazingly humbling profile here.



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