“Normalizing” On The Internet

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The internet can be a dark and scary place, but luckily I’ve had almost no contact with that side of the internet until last week. I saw an article (probably on Buzzfeed let’s be real) about a new trending hashtag- #QuestionsforMen. This hashtag was meant to show questions that men never have to answer, but women probably do.

While I normally don’t participate in hashtag hoopla, this was too good to pass up. The possibilities started swirling in my mind from years of being in tech, mostly as a minority.  And so I began with the tweet above…

And very quickly it devolved into a forest of Internet Trolls I’d only read about in feminist blogs (probably on Jezebel, let’s be real). Since I’m usually surrounded by articulate, intelligent, thoughtful and nay brilliant people…this was quite new. I was reminded by a term from one of my favorite TV shows: Veep.

In Veep, Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s characters coins the term “normalizing” to refer to the schmoozing she, as a politician, has to do when talking to regular folk….her voters. It’s pretty great.

This experience felt like “normalizing” on the internet. Anyway- here’s a link to some of those troll tweets- feel free to roll your eyes. Seriously though- who are these people?

Update: I got my favorite response yet this AM:



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