Ladies, Learn to Take Credit

Tuesday, August 2, 2011 0 No tags Permalink 0

Women have a hard time taking credit when it’s deserved. In fact, women are more likely to attribute their success to external factors, while men find it natural to just take the praise.

What is so hard about taking a compliment?

Why is it that the voice in your head tells you to say, “Oh it was a team effort,” or “Nah, it was nothing.”

Even though I’m well aware of this phenomenon, I still have to bite my tongue and just say “Thanks” when someone says something nice about me or my work. When you become cognizant of this, it’s easy to recognize when you see other people bowing out of compliments and being squeamish about praise. It makes you want to reach out and say, “Just take the credit.”

The whole purpose of complimenting someone is to make them feel good and recognize their accomplishments. Take praise in stride.


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